Info - Getting Tattooed

With 40 top class artists, from across the UK, all working under one roof, this is your chance to get some new work done.

If this is your first tattoo convention then it may all seem a little overwhelming. We're here to help! Below are some tips to planning , booking and getting your new tattoo.

Planning Your Tattoo

Be sure to check out our artist page and take a look through each artists' work. Each artist will have their own style. It't then advisable to contact them directly to check whether they are taking advance bookings or not.

On the day, you will have two options. Some artists may not have booked themselves solid and be offering "walk-ups". If this is the case, then the liklihood is that they will have designs they have drawn up ready to go. They will also have a portfolio of their work with them for you to take a look through.
Don't be afraid to ask questions. Our working artists are a friendly bunch.

Your other option is to pre-book. Some of the artists will be taking advance bookings, so if you don't book with them ahead of the show, you may find that they're already fully booked.
Don't take the chance- get in contact before the show. Be expected to pay a deposit up front to reserve your slot.

Getting Your Tattoo

You've booked your tattoo. Be sure you've got your entrance ticket, as we have a limited number of tickets and there's a chance we will sell out before the show, meaning there will be no option to pay on the day.

Getting tattooed in a hall full of people wandering about may seem a little daunting, but don't be nervous. This is what everybody has come for. To see you getting some fantastic artwork. People may want to chat to you and ask questions. The odd one may even want to take a photograph. People will be full of compliments and this is a completely unique experience. Make the most of it!

Be sure to wear suitable clothing and keep in mind there will be a lot of people watching you get tattooed. You may need to wear shorts or a bikini so that your artist can get at you properly.
If you're getting a large tattoo remember to bring comfortable clothing for afterwards.

You artist may ask you to stay around until the end of the show to enter your new piece in to the contest. This is a big part of a convention, and the reason a lot of the artists are here.
Should your tattoo win an award, the usually protocol is that the trophy goes to the artist for them to display in their studio. You can always get a photograph with your artist and the award.

If this is your first tattoo then here's a few top tips. Be sure you've got plenty of rest the night before the show and that you haven't consumed any alcohol in the past 24 hours. Grab breakfast before you set out and bring along some sweeties. Drink water and sugary drinks during the tattoo to keep yourself hydrated and sugar levels high. Make sure you;ve brough comfortable clothing with you to put on afterwards.

Many artists may get "in-the-zone". Look out for artists who seem deep in concentration. They may have head phones in or have that look about their face that gives it away. We recommend you avoid disturbing them until they seem more alert of their surroundings. Most artists will take a break at some point, which is a good time to have a chat.

If you aren't getting tattooed you will still have a fantastic time. Its a great opportunity to check out the work on offer for next years show, or you could even enquire about getting booked in with your favourite artist at their own studio.

Remember, don't be shy. You're in a room full of like minded people. Come with an open mind, grab a drink from the bar and make some new friends. See you there!
Staffordshire Tattoo GatheringInfo - Getting Tattooed