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The Delray Rockets

The Delray Rockets are a 3 piece Rock'a'Billy Band hailing from Central England U.K, formed by a group of Rock'a'Billy renegades wanting to push Rock'a'Billy to another level, or "Up a gear"... to coin a phrase. The Delray Rockets music has a strong '50's Influence, but with a very modern style, although not taking away the roots from the original Rock'a'Billy feel to the sound. A Delray Rockets gig is an electric high energy show, with twists and turns to its music featuring a full powered stage show. They play kick ass music with a serious attitude. The Delray Rockets…Once seen never forgot!


  • Staffordshire Tattoo Gathering
  • Staffordshire Tattoo Gathering
  • Staffordshire Tattoo Gathering

More live music to be confirmed


A huge shoutout to Buff from The Freebird, Newcastle-under-Lyme, who will be providing us with the entertainment in-between the live music we have lined up for!

Staffordshire Tattoo GatheringEntertainment - Live Music